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Certified Event Rental Professional


Experts in everything event rental

Certified Event Rental Professionals (CERP) are event rental industry experts. To obtain the coveted certification – CERP – individuals must be employed at a rental store for at least six months and complete nearly 30 hours of industry-specific training prescribed by the American Rental Association, the largest trade association serving the rental industry. There are over 1,500 CERP graduates in North America. 

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Event rental journey 

Whether you're a professional event planner, a caterer, an event venue, or a DIY event planner, a Certified Event Rental Professional can help ensure the event you're organizing – wedding, corporate event, birthday celebration, anniversary, and more – goes off without a hitch!   

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

You have a big event to plan

You need the help of an event rental expert.
(You are here!)

You connect with a CERP to coordinate inventory for your event

You have a successful event!

Benefits of working with a CERP

Gain access to multiple products all in one place

Delegate work to an experienced professional

Confidence of working with an expert

Establish a trusted, long-term partnership

Free up time to focus on other pressing tasks 

Understand pitfalls, best practices, tips, and more


Here's what the CERPs have to say!

Ryan Harmon.jpg
"The redesigned CERP program has helped me become a more well rounded event rental professional and the designation provides clients the reassurance that we are trusted experts when it comes to providing rentals for their events."

Ryan, CERP

Lasting Impressions Event Rental

Julie Lutje.jpg

“The CERP program was such a great program! It was filled with a lot of helpful information and was very detailed. It has made me a more valuable team member at Best Tents & Events as I now understand so much more about both the rental and event industry.”

Julie, CERP

Best Tents and Events

Matt Pare_edited_edited.jpg
“If you are in the event rental industry and are not taking advantage of this this program, you are doing yourself, your employees, co-workers, and clients a disservice. The CERP program solidifies you as an event professional and gives you credibility when working with potential clients.”

Matt, CERP

PTG Event Services

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